Web Design

Over the last decade or so, it has become more and more important to have a website for customers to go to. Even if it's there just to provide information on products and services, it's typically the first place customers will look to get an impression of you and your product. If the site is designed or looks bad, it'll put off potential customers. Period. Functionality is just as important as looks, if your website is difficult to navigate this will also cause frustration and therefore a good reason to look elsewhere.

In the more corporate world of website construction there are typically 2 people that work on a site. The developer will sort the coding so that the site runs smoothly and responds correctly. The designer makes sure it looks good to the eye and also is easy to use. In some cases, this will increase the cost. At FlyDzine our designers are developers and our developers are designers! You will deal with one person to do both these tasks. We will work directly with you to create the look and feel you require for your site, and also advise you when required - we have a vast knowledge of all things online and will be able to pass on some invaluable knowledge.