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If you've never come across a flyer then you must've been living on another planet until now! These leaflet or postcard like marketing items are distributed out to let people know about a product, event or pretty much anything. They can be handed out to potential clients personally, via postage, inserted in newspapers/magazines/etc or left in venues/cafes/bars/etc to catch people's eye.

Flyers can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors - the standard size is typically rectangular, around 6 inches long by 4 inches wide and they are typically double sided (but this is not necessarily required). That said, dependent on the company printing the items, the world is really your oyster.

FlyDzine can design to any specification you request and we also have printing company sources so we can arrange print of the flyers for you, if required. Have a look at the examples to the right to give you some design ideas.