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Electronic Flyers are used for the same reason as Print Flyers, except the target audience is online. Instead of placing flyers in a specific establishment or handing them out directly to people, these electronic flyers are posted in online forums, blogs, social media sites and/or emailed out to email recipients.

In essence they are exactly the same as standard printed flyers, however, they are only 1 sided. They also need to catch people's eyes, especially as these days internet users tend to only glance or skim read pages, based on the speed webpages load and people's lives these days - a well designed flyer will attract attention.

We can design to any specification you request and we also vast experience in online marketing and can pass on some invaluable advice , if required. Have a look at the examples to the right to see a variety of different Eflyers we have designed in the past to give you some idea of what you may want us to produce for you.